Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to take some precautions to protect ourselves, our clients and our surrounding. Accordingly, in the coming days, our lawyers will be working mostly from home.

We will be attending obligatory meetings and hearings that have not been postponed. We will continue to provide our services without any interruption.

Courts postponed all hearings that do not involve people detained pending trial and public notaries are now working in shifts and only in very urgent matters.

During this period, our office will be open. There will always be someone in our office for the purpose of communication and coordination of our daily business. You can therefore continue to reach our lawyers directly through their mobile phones and e-mails or by calling our offices, as your call will be directed, as required.

We will remain available to assist you in these difficult times. We hope that we will all resume our normal course of business, in health, as soon as possible.

Yarsuvat & Yarsuvat Law Firm.