What is Y&Y ?

The Yarsuvat & Yarsuvat Law Firm is an independent, local law firm located at the European side of Istanbul. Our obsession with quality control, and across-the-board knowledge of all clients and their business, requires us to limit the headcount of our lawyers, not to exceed fifteen. Thus, we are a law boutique. At the top of the pyramid are the senior lawyers, with practice records ranging from twenty to fifty years. Their experience and influence guide the energy and creativity of the younger generation of lawyers, who are the future of our Firm. In line with our clients’ business, inbound and outbound, we established a working relationship with leading law firms in various jurisdictions. For over twenty years we have also been the local member of an international network of independent law firms. Our practice is primarily in English and in Turkish, but we do speak French, Italian and German, to add some color to the mosaic.