Ms. Nurcan Col is a senior criminal litigator with over 30 years of expertise.  She started her carrier as a trainee judge, followed by a twenty year tenure of judge of criminal law.    She is familiar with jurisdictions in Turkey, particularly because of her assignments to several such jurisdictions during her twenty years of judgeship.Following her retirement in 2001, she joined the Tekirdag and Istanbul Bar Associations, and moved on to private practice with the Yarsuvat Firm.

Ms. Col handles primarily white collar criminal cases, involving media law, directors’ liability  and environmental liability.  Her years as a judge give Ms. Col the ability to understand and anticipate, in the cases which she now litigates, the view from behind the bench.  She is very familiar with the practices of public prosecutors and special prosecutors, which, more often than not, has proven to be the difference between a successful defense and otherwise.

Representative clients of Ms. Col include the directors and key officers of the Turkish subsidiaries of various multinational corporations, journalists, professors, high ranking military personnel and researchers.

In addition to her criminal litigation practice, Ms. Col also assumed the role of mentor to many of the Firm’s full time interns and summer associates.