Ms. Nilufer Cakmakli is heading the Firm’s competition law practice.  She also has extensive experience in finance, leasing and M&A transactions in the automotive, aviation, pharmaceutical and construction industries.  She works as the lead attorney in various in- and outbound investment matters, in charge of drafting, review and negotiation of contracts, among which construction agreements, aircraft leasing agreements, stock and asset purchase and shareholders’ agreements, distribution agreements are a few worth mentioning.With a history dating back only to the end of the last century, Turkish competition law is quite young compared to its U.S. and even European counterparts.  With the introduction of Turkish competition laws that are based primarily on EU legislation, Ms. Cakmakli developed a substantial competition law practice.  The Firm’s increasing involvement in cross-border transactions, representing multi-national clients, increased the need for a highly specialized competition law practice group.

Prior to joining the Firm in 1998, Ms. Cakmakli was in-house counsel at the Turkish subsidiary of a multi-national petroleum company, engaged in litigation management, as well as corporate and commercial matters.  She is the chairperson of the legal committee of the Turkish Sailing Federation, and also represents the Turkish federation on the legal committee of the International Sailing Federation, ISAF.

She speaks her native Turkish, English and basic French.  She is married and has a daughter.  Her personal interests include politics, art history, cinema, documentaries, literature, editing, sailing and traveling